Jessey & Joel (us) (we?) are a husband and wife photography team. The story behind the name Skiddlydoo Photography, is that we still call our daughter "Skiddlydoo" as a endearing nickname, and when we came around to naming our business we could not think of anything we both liked and represented us well. One night, Jessey was trying to call Sophia over to us and said"Skiddlydoo, come here please", the light bulb came on and BAM, Skiddlydoo Photography.

While Skiddlydoo is a new name to Reno photography, we are not new to photography and what started out as a hobby several years ago turned into a passion, then business. We take that passion and pour it into every shoot we do. Our goal is to capture the beauty of our subjects and transform them into still moments, that can be viewed, loved, and remembered forever.